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FORLOG getting started for logging contractors

This training is intended for new FORLOG users of managerial or commercial type. It allows you to take an overview of the functionalities of FORLOG and to acquire the techniques allowing you to fully exploit all its possibilities. The prerequisites are the mastery of the basic notions of the management of a forestry company: construction site, estimate, invoice...

State of the art of harvesting and production of wood energy in New Aquitaine

In New Aquitaine, wood energy represents nearly 1.5 million tonnes per year from forests or wood recycling channels. To support its wood energy development policy, ADEME entrusted FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL with carrying out a survey on the means of harvesting and producing wood energy in the New Aquitaine region. The results have been available since September 2019.

Guide for good practice in forestry work business management

The Aquitaine association of forestry contractors (ETFA) has been leading actions in supporting forestry work business management for several years. To facilitate business access to the means implemented, FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL drew up the contents of a fact sheet on management support solutions for business leaders.

Platform & timber yard design (feasibility study)

The platforms and timber yards are key points in the wood supply chain, whether for timber industry, wood industry or energy wood. Forêt Logistique Conseil provides its expertise to assess the feasibility of projects and optimise their cost.

Strategic & financial audits

Managing forestry companies requires a strong implication from business managers to ensure proper short-term functioning of operations. However it is very important to not neglect the necessity of hindsight needed to guide your activities in the direction of your strategic objectives.

Wood logistics in the Great East: what possible innovations?

The project is supported by the regional transport observatories of the Great East. Its aim is to better understand the processes that take place between the forest and the primary wood processing sites (sawmills, crushing industries, boilers, etc) to suggest ways to improve their logistics.

Forestry activity control tool design

To know production costs and link them to turnover in not easy for forestry companies. Forêt Logistique Conseil provides its expertise in controlling management and forestry to help you develop relevant control tools suitable for your company.

Innovative stump core extracting machine: technical & economic assessment

In order to meet the rising needs in energy wood, new resources such as stumps must be mobilised. Forêt Logistique Conseil therefore assessed the technical and economic interests of an innovative system consisting in extracting stump cores by drilling.

Assistance mission in XYLOFOREST project management

XYLOFOREST is a future investment project (Equipex) that aims to provide research laboratories with high-level equipments in sectors of biotechnologies and applied materials to the fields of forest and wood. Forêt Logistique Conseil provides support for the steering of the project, in conjunction with the project coordinator (INRA), and in close partnership with the platform scientific leaders.

Aquitaine memo on Energy Wood

After observing the development of energy wood mobilisation, CRPF Aquitaine decided to make available to the industry stakeholders a body of operational knowledge on the subject. Forêt Logistique Conseil has drafted a set of summary factsheets by involving the different actors of the mobilisation.

Evaluation & improvement of the productivity of your forestry operations

The productivity of forestry operations greatly varies depending on operating conditions (terrain, stands, forestry). This is why it is difficult to find paths that lead to yield improvement. Forêt Logistique Conseil helps you to identify the levers that act to increase productivity, by implementing a methodical and participatory approach.

FOREDAVENIR, improving 1400 hectares of forest in 3 years: investigating the means of wood mobilisation in eastern Gironde

In 2015 ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) launched the call for expression of interest « DYNAMIC wood » to finance additional wood mobilisation actions through the rehabilitation of degraded stands. In this context, the FOREDAVENIR project was selected in ALPC region (Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charente), and will take action in the eastern Gironde rural territories (Blaye, Libourne, Entre-Deux-Mers, Bazas). Actions for raising awareness of forest owners will be implemented to encourage the emergence of forest plot improvement projects and wood mobilisation. The aim is to bring back into production and maintain 1395 hectares of private forest stands (mainly hardwood), by exploiting an additional 160 000 tons of wood by 2018, about 100 000 tons of which would be energy wood. In February and March 2016, and in conjunction with representatives of the profession, a consultation will be carried out on the means of energy wood mobilisation. In this context, FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL (Richard EMEYRIAT) is responsible for conducting a survey on the specific ways of producing wood chips (feller-bunchers, grinders, screens, platforms). This consultation takes place in confidential settings, and only the overall results will be made public. At the end of this survey, you will be invited to a presentation of the investigation findings during a seminar which will take place by the end of 2016.

Study on forest access of southern Landes of Gascogne & South-Adour

The southern Landes of Gascogne suffered the least from the Klaus storm in 2009 and therefore remains a very important area for supplying wood industries of the region. The level of exploitation of this industry will continue to grow through 2015-2025. This is why the local authorities needed to carry out a strategic review of the forest access capacity to support this increased activity.

Creating an e-learning support on forest & wood

Operators of the wood industry need to know the fundamentals concerning the forest, silviculture and wood processing sector.