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FORLOG est présenté dans le dernier numéro du Journal de la Mécanisation Forestière de janvier-février 2021 (n°209)

Si vous souhaitez avoir un avis d'un connaisseur des professionnels de la forêt sur le logiciel FORLOG, lisez l'article publié dans la rubrique NOUVEAUTE du dernier numéro du Journal de la Mécanisation Forestière de janvier-février 2021

FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL wishes you a happy new year 2023

FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL wishes you a very happy new year 2023. May it see the realization of your projects and the recognition of the value brought by forestry companies.

State of the art of harvesting and production of wood energy in New Aquitaine

In New Aquitaine, wood energy represents nearly 1.5 million tonnes per year from forests or wood recycling channels. To support its wood energy development policy, ADEME entrusted FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL with carrying out a survey on the means of harvesting and producing wood energy in the New Aquitaine region. The results have been available since September 2019.

The Journal de la Mécanisation Forestière tells you about Forlog in its June 2022 issue

Last May, the Journal de la Mécanisation Forestière came to realize what FORLOG can bring to a logging company. SARL GIRONDE, which has been using the software for several months, welcomed us to its premises and to one of its construction sites to tell us about the benefits of using FORLOG, "a software designed by a forester for foresters" .

Discover the experience of Sébastien Daragon from Sarl GIRONDE

When we decided to develop purchasing activities and forest management, we looked for a software for us facilitate the work. That's for sure the cost of FORLOG which caught our attention, but above all the fact that Richard Emeyriat comes from a forestry background. We have it all immediately spoke the same language. FORLOG was at departure designed for the Landes method. In order to...

Les actualités forestières du printemps

Podcast France bois foret, événement la nuit des forets, crise ukrainienne, recherche - un modèle pour prédire la croissance des arbres,  forestiers dans un nouvel environnement, France 2030, réglementation : fournisseurs, espèces réglementées, provenances et matériels de  base forestiers.

FORLOG, forest site management softwareAn application designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and forest traders.

Forest site management application

LIVE VIDEO Forêt Logistique Conseil le 14 janvier 2021 à 16h00

Jeudi 14 janvier 2021, Forêt Logistique Conseil présente FORLOG, logiciel de gestion des activités forestières, dans le cadre de FORESTINNOV, le salon des innovations et services. Lors de cette présentation, vous pourrez prendre connaissance de ce que peut apporter FORLOG à la gestion au quotidien de vos activités forestières.

XYLOFOREST : 10 years of investment in forest-wood researchXYLOFOREST - 127 PHD thesis for forest and wood

Forêt Logistique Conseil supported the XYLOFOREST excellence investment project for ten years, funded by the ANR and coordinated by INRAE. Thanks to this project, a dozen research laboratories have been equipped with high-level scientific equipment. At the end of 2019, they made it possible to produce more than 150 scientific publications, file around fifteen patents and train more than 127 national and international doctoral students. A publication published at the end of 2019 presents all 127 PHD thesis carried out within the framework of XYLOFOREST.

Workshop on transportation and logistics Wood in the Grand-Est French area: June 9, 2016 in Pont-à-Mousson

This conference is the culmination of work over a year of Xylolink and Forêt Logistique Conseil in close collaboration with professional , interprofessional and with the support of Regional Observatories of transport ( ORT ) . It aims to enable participants to reflect on the prospects of transport and logistics of wood in the coming years .

FOREDAVENIR: invest to improve the quality of wood chips

The territorial diagnostic of investment in equipments of FOREDAVENIR project has just been published by FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL . It emphasizes the importance of providing sufficient activity to existing equipment and invest in improving the quality of wood chips .

Getting to know the price of wood fuels: publication of survey conducted in 2015

A survey on the price of wood fuels 2014-2015 conducted by the CODA Stratégies firm on behalf of ADEME, provided interesting information on both woods destined for households and those destined for collective and industrial boilers.

Publication of timber harvesting statistics in France for 2014

The statistics published on the Agreste website (Ministry of agriculture, food and forest) show an increase in timber harvesting in 2014 compared to 2013. With 37,7 million m3 harvested, 2014 finds the same level of harvesting recorded in 2007.

MOVAPRO launching

To meet the growing needs of users of energy wood while ensuring the supply of traditional outlets of the forest wood paper industry, we now need to mobilise every year in Aquitaine 3 million m3 of wood in addition to the average annual harvest of 7 million m3 in total. How, with what practices and at what cost? To give an economic incentive to foresters, the concept of the MOVAPRO project...

2015 publication of the VSE guide in Aquitaine

Aquitaine approved management centers have published a summary of the VSE economic outcomes in 2014. The VSEs with forestry activity have rather encouraging economic outcomes. In this more favorable environment to foresters in a difficult economic situation, you can perform a strategic and economic audit of your company in order to better understand how it is positioned in the given sector and establish a concrete action plan.

Selection of FORETDAVENIR project among the 24 projects selected by the AMI DYNAMIC BOIS 2015

FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL is one of the partners of the FORETDAVENIR project coordinated by CRPF Aquitaine. This project aims to stimulate the wood mobilisation from the forests of east Gironde.

From tree to radiator : learn more on FOREDAVENIR and its partners through a video

The CRPF Aquitaine presents the FOREDAVENIR project in a simple video. The main chalenges of the project are outlined by local actors.

QUALITERRITOIRES : 111 forestry entrepreneurs of Aquitaine committed to the national quality approach " sustainable forest management"

The national "ETF - Sustainable Forest Management" approach is an asset for forestry entrepreneurs who engage in it. It is recognized by PEFC France and is a selection criterion for EAFRD 2014-2020 project fundings.

The global wood production is experiencing an obvious revival

The latest data on forest products released December 18 2015 by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) show a continued rise in production growth since the 2008 crisis.