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Discover the experience of Sébastien Daragon from Sarl GIRONDE

Forest yard of SARL GIRONDEForest yard of SARL GIRONDE

When we decided to develop purchasing activities and forest management, we looked for a software for us
facilitate the work.

That's for sure the cost of FORLOG which caught our attention, but above all the fact that Richard Emeyriat comes from a forestry background. We have it all immediately spoke the same language.

FORLOG was at departure designed for the Landes method. In order to respond to our specific needs of the management of the forests of the Massif Central, Richard has developed specific functionalities.

Today the software allows us to centralize all information. For example, when we connect a USB drive from a harvester,
Forlog extracts the data and classifies it automatically.

This software saves a lot of time on issuing invoices, accounting management, site monitoring and inventory control.
Dashboards make it easier for us to manage the business.

All our documents are sharper. They give a picture a lot more pro of the company.

Finally as soon as we have a problem, Richard is available. He helps us out in the day, without ever getting upset!

Last update Monday 27 June 2022