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Our ethics

Forêt Logistique Conseil is committed to respecting a code of ethics guaranteeing customer integrity, confidentiality, professionalism and transparency. 

Erable de Montpellier remarquable (Virollet, 79) : "Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force ni que rage" (Jean de la Fontaine)Erable de Montpellier remarquable (Virollet, 79) : "Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force ni que rage" (Jean de la Fontaine)
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Forêt Logistique Conseil…

  • Is compensated for its services exclusively by the customer.
  • Acts independently of any individual or commercial interest that is likely to affect the operation. If not, the customer will be informed. 
  • Refuses any benefit or arrangement that alters the objectivity and impartiality of the advice and quality of services rendered. 
  • Respects the company and the people.
  • Pledges the utmost loyalty to its customers.


Forêt Logistique Conseil…

  • Respects the intellectual property of its customers and is bound by the obligation of confidentiality on its interventions.
  • Applies the rule of absolute professional secrecy.


Forêt Logistique Conseil…

  • Only accepts missions falling within its jurisdiction.
  • Vouches for the skills of its employees and its co-contractors, as well as the methods and tools used.  
  • Guarantees a high level of professionalism: each mission will be conducted with honesty and commitment that the customer is entitled to expect of a professional, with a mastery of fundamental knowledge of its field of intervention and/or expertise. 
  • Fulfills its mission in a spirit of strict independence from third parties and in the best interest of its customer.
  • Informs the customer of any elements likely to disturb the normal conduct of its mission, to question the desired goals or even to question the commitments made.  
  • Adopts responsible conduct in order to preserve the reputation and enhance the image of the profession. 
  • Keeps its skills up to date and in line with the accepted missions. 


Forêt Logistique Conseil…

  • Is able to justify the approach and the costs of its interventions.
Last update Friday 18 March 2016