Long term management is very important in forestry. But managing a forest must be profitable. Forest companies have to deal daily between long term and short term results. Forêt Logistique Conseil (FLC) proposes a rigorous approach to help you optimize your management in the context of the forest and wood.



Workshop on transportation and logistics Wood in the Grand-Est French area: June 9, 2016 in Pont-à-Mousson

This conference is the culmination of work over a year of Xylolink and Forêt Logistique Conseil in close collaboration with professional, interprofessional and with the support of Regional Observatories of transport (ORT). It aims to enable participants to reflect on the prospects of transport and logistics of wood in the coming years.

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FOREDAVENIR: invest to improve the quality of wood chips

The territorial diagnostic of investment in equipments of FOREDAVENIR project has just been published by FORET LOGISTIQUE CONSEIL. It emphasizes the importance of providing sufficient activity to existing equipment and invest in improving the quality of wood chips.

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